Lennox® Whole-House Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

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Lennox® humidifiers and dehumidifiers in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, help your house feel better at an energy-efficient setting.

When you visualize a humidifier or dehumidifier, you may remember carting a transportable model across the house. (And dropping water as you get there.) Lennox whole-home solutions eliminate all of those annoyances, because they pair with your heating and cooling unit.

During the winter days, Lennox humidifiers allow you to escape from dry air in your house. This permits you to ease chapped skin and respiratory challenges. Since appropriately humidified air seems more comfortable, you can position your thermostat at a cooler temperature and save more on heating expenses.

In the summer, a whole-home dehumidifier pulls water from the air. This makes your space feel less sticky and hot while inhibiting mold and mildew growth.

Even when there’s elevated humidity around your home, dehumidified air lets your home feel refreshed. And allow you to keep your thermostat higher. Setting it just two degrees warmer can create a substantial difference and save you up to 5–7% on your cooling bills.

If you don’t already have a Lennox furnace or air conditioner, don’t worry. Some humidity control units can operate with any brand or model. Call the Rapids Sheet Metal Works Inc heating and cooling experts at 715-301-0256 now. We’ll help you choose the correct humidity control system for your home.

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How do You Know if You Need a Whole House Humidifier or Dehumidifier?

With a variety of types of humidifiers on the market, you may not know what’s right for your home. Keep an eye out for these signs that you might need to add more humidity or extract excess water from the air in your house.

9 Signals You Should Get a Humidifier

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Low humidity climates are regularly characterized as being a perfect place to be, but they also have their downsides. Winter in any environment can also produce issues inside your house. Too much arid air can cause:
  1. Respiratory issues
  2. Sore throat or extreme coughing
  3. Dry, irritated nasal passages
  4. Dry, itching skin
  5. Dry lips
  6. Static shock
  7. Peeling or cracked wallpaper
  8. Buckling or breaking wood
  9. Damage to household furnishings

8 Signs You Should Buy a Dehumidifier

You likely have excess moisture in your house if you have any of the following challenges:
  1. Continually damp spaces
  2. Musty scents
  3. Peeling or cracking paint
  4. Condensation spots on your ceiling
  5. Muggy or sweaty sensation in the air
  6. Ice or condensation on the windows
  7. Flaking wallpaper
  8. Changing your thermostat or turning on air conditioning more than usual to feel more comfortable
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We’ll Help Your Family Feel Better

When you use whole-home humidity control, you can have more comfort, reduced energy costs and a home that just feels more pleasant. Contact us at 715-301-0256 or contact us online to request an appointment to find a new level of comfort.

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